FILExtinguisher for PC

FILExtinguisher for PC

Completely wipes files form hard drive

FILExtinguisher for PC is a file-securing utility tool that enables you to completely wipe data from your hard drive. When you delete a file, it is not entirely removed from your hard disk unless fragments of the file are overwritten.

When these fragments are not overwritten, a file can still be restored or recovered. If these files are sensitive or personal, they are vulnerable to theft or unauthorized use because they can still be extracted from the drive.

FILExtinguisher for PC is a tool that ensures your hard drive leaves no trace of deleted data because it extinguishes it. FILExtinguisher for PC has 14 levels of deletion methods.

Methods used by this tool include zero-write to high-level US DoD+ and the Gutmann Method of data wiping. This product also includes a printable Log file that displays comprehensive information on the files and folders deleted such as disk location, date and method used.

This product is compatible to use with hard drives, floppy drives, flash drives, memory cards and similar devices but does not support CD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW.

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